WINNER! Congratulations to Heather Parker of Lisbon on winning this year's Lisbon High School Class of 2023 Raffle Car! The class raised a total of $11,810... Wow! THANK YOU for everyone who purchased tickets and helped sold tickets. Another successful year in the books, totaling over $121,000!

Congratulations to Lisbon High School Class of 2021 for CRUSHING the previous $11,000 fundraising record!

Lisbon High School's Class Raffle Car


Each year Crafts Cars teams up with a Lisbon High School Class and we donate a vehicle for them to raffle off. ALL proceeds go directly to the class to help fund various events such as their graduation, project graduation, prom, etc. Over the course of 13 years we're proud to say we've helped raise over $119,000! This is our small way of giving back to our wonderful community. 


Here's what each class has raised:

 Class of 2006: $4,823 Class of 2007: $5,136
 Class of 2008: $7,008 Class of 2009: $11,000
 Class of 2010: $9,000 Class of 2011: $7,200
 Class of 2012: $4,700
 Class of 2013: $4,890
 Class of 2014: $6,221 Class of 2015: $4,069
 Class of 2018: $6,019    Class of 2019: $6,000
 Class of 2020: $8,005 Class of 2021: $13,764.70
 Class of 2022: $9,660 Class of 2023: $11,810
 Class of 2024: $16,315.40
 TOTAL: $135,631.10



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  • Thursday 8AM TO 6PM
  • Friday 8AM TO 6PM
  • Saturday 8AM TO 5PM
  • Sunday Closed